Brand Partnership Cooperation Teamwork

All my work relies on structured companies specialized in individual fields of applications.

We are not simply partners, together we build a network of resources and technologies relevant for the environment, meteorology and outdoor activities.

In the summer of 2015, I started working with Meteomed, a company specialized in forecasting and weather services for leisure and professional boating. Meteomed belongs to the Meteosolutions group (3BMeteo), one of the leading weather operators in Italy. In collaboration with Meteosolutions we developed an exclusive forecasting model for the Mediterranean. Meteomed marine weather forecasts are all processed by its own servers and validated by a staff of professional meteorologists.

In 2018 I became an official partner of Meteomed and today I am its Sole Administrator. I created and now manage the Racing sector and I’m the technical reference for the development of new products and services for sailing.

Meteosolutions represents a new way of dealing with and talking about meteorology. It is a young and dynamic Italian company, able to provide products and services up to date with the latest needs of the field and of its users.

Meteosolutions staff is made up of forecasters, model makers, graphic designers and programmers. Their goal is to provide not only data, but innovative, ready-to-use and highly customizable tools that keep in mind the costumer’s specific needs.

Meteosolutions is a highly consolidated reality among the general public thanks to the web services offered by 3BMeteo, one of the main weather portals in Italy, visited every month by millions of users. However, the company is truly attentive to the needs of its specialized and professional users.

Physis is Nature. The uncontaminated, unstoppable and incredibly fascinated Nature. No how many centuries they spent trying to convince themselves otherwise, men will never be able to control it. Nature is as simple and wonderful as it is complex and dangerous. Only a thorough study of all its deepest and most insidious facets will allow us to appreciate it, safeguard it and enjoy it for what it has to offer.

This is where nPhysis comes into play. An innovative engineering and consulting firm specializing in the development of weather-based technologies, whose purpose is precisely this: studying and analyzing nature, in order to offer an added value to its customers, to live in harmony, total comfort and safety with the nature that surrounds us.

nPhysis was born in 2020, from my attempt to build a highly competent work team, able to offer something new in the meteorological field. It is a young company, but with a seasoned background: a cross-functional team, which provides a range of transversal skills, from the field of natural sciences and meteorology, to that of software development and Data Science.

The fields of application of nPhysis’ products and services are the most varied: sports competitions, tourism, navigation, mountaineering, agriculture, energy, transport and event planning. The keywords are foresight, innovation and personalization.

The approach I learned from Meteomed led me to create Meteoski and Meteoalpe, prime examples of the innovative meteorological forecasts for the mountain area. These two new realities exploit an artificial intelligence able to provide a comfort index based on weather forecasts, morphological characteristics and the activity of choice. The index provided allows the user to enhance its experience and upgrade his activities in the mountains, and most importantly it reduces the risk of accidents.

The concepts of comfort and safety, pillars of this project, are inseparable and inalienable requirements. Knowing precisely what happens at sea, in the mountains and in any environment chosen to practice our outdoor activities is essential to optimize our performance, whether it is for leisure or profession. Even the choice of technical clothing, apparently trivial or of lesser importance, becomes essential to increase the perception of comfort, to ensure the correct and conscious use of the equipment and to mitigate the risk of injury.


In modern society, meteorological forecasts are enormously beneficial to increase the safety in various situations and different scenarios.

The ability to predict a natural disaster allows the planning of evacuation plans that can save many lives. In agriculture, forecasts enable an efficient and effective use of natural resources, helping to safeguard the ecosystem. The transport of people and goods by sea, land and air also depends on the accuracy and precision of weather forecasts.
That is why, today, many businesses require dynamic information and concrete answers to specific problems of different nature. My job consists precisely in proposing tailor-made solutions for each type of application by developing “weather-based” technologies.