Ever since I was a child, my hyperactive and curious streak has led me to have the most varied range of interests, so much so that I was labeled a “fickle”. But the red thread weaving of my life has always been nature.
I grew up between the waves of the sea and the peaks of the mountains, venturing, exploring and observing nature and its incredible charm.
My mother, a naturalist, helped me to grasp its secrets; my father, an engineer and a sailor, taught me logical thinking to learn to exploit them.

My name is Riccardo and I have been carried through life by the scents of the sea and the mountain breeze.

  • Sailor
  • Geologist
  • Meteorologist

I am not a sailor

I enrolled in my first sailing course at the nautical club at the age of 13. I felt the need to enter that world, to carry on my family’s legacy. A burden forced on me by no one really, if not by myself. My father was a sailor and champion in youth, and just like him my grandfather and my uncles; how could I not fulfill my destiny? So, I put my father's 470 back in the water, and then moved on to the competitive team of lasers, to regattas aboard snipes and with a family crew.

It ended up being one of my greatest passions, even though I wasn't exactly athletically performing in sailing. Over time I realized that my role at sea, my destiny was not that of a professional sailor, but that of an analyst, a strategist. I was so fascinated by racing strategy that I tried to turn it into a career.

I am not a geologist

I studied Geology in Padua and this is a fact. But at the end of my studies, about to enter the working environment, I tried to employ the scientific knowledge I had acquired in the field of sailing, to offer a "geological" approach to regattas. This was also my attempt to turn a passion into an equally exciting job.

Thus began my role as “Weather Strategist” and, in 2014, the Geosinertec Project. With this brand I wanted to offer my expertise in regatta strategies while offering my services as a geologist as well.

If you look at it this way then yes, I am a geologist, but applied to environmental analysis. I am a geologist, but one that has been lent to meteorology and sports.

I am not a meteorologist

As I acquired a bit of notoriety and authority, people began to call me a "meteorologist", a label that, like many others, has never felt so comfortable. Meteorology is a crucial variable, but certainly not the only one, in finding the perfect racing strategy.

I assist professionals who need a 360-degree environmental understanding for their activities. My competence in terrestrial physics allows me to understand local phenomena, bridging the gap between what is predicted by meteorological models and what actually happens.

Label Claim

I have always tried to find my path in the field of science, one of my greatest fascinations. But the possible fields of application seemed to me as endless as my interests. I was obsessed with finding my true talent, a clear path that would lead me to define who I really was.

Today I can proudly say that I don’t believe I necessarily have a specific talent. I believe, however, that I have an knack for adapting my skills and competences to apparently very different fields and markets. As I grew professionally I found myself becoming some sort of chameleon: I learn by doing and I am able to make myself useful to the people I network with, but without ever truly specializing.

Society works with labels, but even I would not be able to pin a definite one on me. Perhaps it is precisely this the key to my working personality: my eclecticism. A feature that certainly does not facilitate my positioning on the market, but it enables a continuous transfer of experience and skills. Even more, it allows me to maintain that desire to explore, experiment and take on challanges that I have been carrying along with me since I was a child.

The Dream Team

Thanks to my networking skills and my inter- and multidisciplinary approach I have often found myself in the presence of people more talented than me. Perhaps my biggest goal has always been to gather these talents and put together a solid, competent and heterogeneous team for me to bet on and lead, with the right strategy of course.

For me, this has always been the greatest challenge, the one I try to face every single day. Success does not come from projects, products, ideas or money, it’s always a matter of people, relations and teams.

The search for the “dream team” is every entrepreneur’s most important challenge and the key is to never stop looking.