My name is Riccardo Ravagnan and I’m a Weather Strategist

What does it mean? It means that I found a way to turn my passion into a job and a job into my passion. The right strategy for me has been bringing the approach of a geologist to the world of sports.

“ Working in a team is the only way to obtain an excellent result in a complex scenario ”

As a Weather Strategist, I provide strategic guidance to athletes and professionals.

My work relies on a micrometeorological analysis of the environment, which combines a detailed and local geological study with the meteorological specificities of forecasting models. My technical competence in sports then allows me to have a more practical approach and to offer assistance, guidance and, of course, the right strategy.

My brands

My strength also comes from a network of companies assisting me. It’s thanks to a solid and consolidated networks of brands that I am able to offer thorough. qualified and dedicated advice.

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Geosinertec represents the first of my attempts to build a team, fostered by the desire to combine passion, skills and knowledge.

Micrometeorology and Environmental Fluid Dynamics are the basis of this project. Geomatics and Geotechnologies are the necessary tools for studying physical-environmental phenomena.

I wanted to use geographic information systems to recreate regatta fields and put together the best racing strategy by studying the local phenomena behind the specific marine weather conditions. Being aware of local peculiarities enables me to perfect the weather forecasts and have a complete picture of the physical phenomena that could affect the racing strategies.

Over time, I decided to expand Geosinertec’s field of work, by letting it reach the mainland. I wanted to continue working in the world of geology, a world in which I felt more confident because it had granted me a title and therefore a role.

I therefore forged a new brand, WMind, for managing the sailing scene. There already were meteorology services dedicated only to sailing, but their limit was only focusing on the physical principles of the atmosphere. What set WMind apart from the rest was the observation of regatta fields through an holistic scientific lens.



Being part of the team that followed Alex Bellini in his expedition to Iceland, “Freeze the Moment”, one among many other thrilling experiences, marked a turning point for both my professional and personal life. I became his Scientific Advisor in 2017 and guided him across the Icelandic giant Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe, destined to disappear by the end of the century. Through satellite communication, I provided Alex with advice on when to proceed or stop to set camp and with wind and precipitation forecasts.

It was an extremely exciting and highly educational experience. I had to deal with brand new dynamics that up to that moment I never had a chance to examine up-close, having almost only exclusively worked the marine context of regattas. I was finally able to find a close-knit team which enabled me to be truly involved with the work I was doing and the adventure that Alex was conducting on that ice giant.

There certainly was no shortage of tension, what with Alex falling into a crevasse and his final sprint, dragging himself and the sled towards the end that never seemed close enough. But in the evenings, when Alex used to send voice messages reporting his day and state of health, he always managed to share words of great inspiration, e moments of great tension, between the fall into a crevasse and final sprint fragging the sled that did not show the end. But in the evening, in the voice messages in which he reported his day and his state of health, Alex always managed to share words inspiring us to show even just an ounce of his strength and resilience.

I was once again part of Alex’s supporting team when he crossed the Pacific Ocean, rowing by himself towards the Plastic Island.



In 2017 I had the pleasure and honor of being part of the shore team that won first place at the Maxi Yacht Rolex World Cup aboard SuperNikka, second place at the Absolute Italian Offshore Sailing Championship and third place at the ORC World Cup aboard Sheraa.

In Costa Smeralda I found myself working alongside some high-profile professionals, among which Enrico Zennaro, which gave me the opportunity to analyze strengths and weaknesses of my work.

Hearing such positive feedback coming from the professionals of this endeavour was an enormous satisfaction and gratification. Especially, since it took place in such a complex regatta field, where orographic components play a massive role compared to standard forecasting methods.



The chance to venture again came with Sergio Davì during his Ocean Rib Experience, the Italy – Brazil expedition on a rigid inflatable boat. A unique, complex and dangerous experience that required 300 hours total of navigation to cover 4.4300 nautical miles. Setting sail from Palermo, he planned the route as to pass through Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, Spain, Morocco, the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde Islands, in order to reach his final stop in Brazil.
Sergio sailed aboard a 10-meters long inflatable boat powered by two Suzuki engines of 200hp each. I supported him in his journey by analyzing the marine weather conditions that I promptly reported to communicated to him every day through satellite phone calls.


Sports competions and various consultancies

I managed to expand my activity as a consultant and weather strategist to other environments and disciplines, from skiing to car racing, to collaboration projects with NASA for the training of astronauts. In 2017, I supported the Cetilar Racing team in some stages of the endurance car circuit (4h of Monza, 6h of Spa) and during the 24h of LeMans.

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I have often worked and shared passions with Riccardo and always with great results. results.

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Ever since I was a child, my hyperactive and curious streak has led me to have the most varied range of interests, so much so that I was labeled a “fickle”. But the red thread weaving of my life has always been nature.

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Riccardo’s work has contributed to the success of some important sporting enterprises.

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Riccardo and his collaborators have always responded to our requests in a clever, prompt and proactive way.

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